Project T.B.A.C remained in flight for approximately 3 hours and managed to capture almost 2000 photographs. Even though it didn‘t reach an altitude as high as a weather balloon ( due to it's inability to expand as much as a weather balloon and trash bags weigh more than weather balloons), it managed to capture photographs at an interval of a three seconds. Since the camera I used only cost about $15 ( an old used camera from a thrift store ), I utilized CHDK - a software that additional features ( explained further in the Guide).

SPOT GPS Tracker provided by GPSInsight enabled me to track the spacecraft after it landed and allowed me to retrieve the images. Based on the GPS coordinates provided, it managed to capture photographs of the Las Vegas valley, Deserts surrounding the Las Vegas valley, dry lakes and other geographical features around the Las Vegas area.

T.B.A.C managed to capture stunning images of the Las Vegas Valley as well as the surrounding desert. Click on the specific area below to access the galleries:


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