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Welcome to Project T.B.A.C.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my website.

Its overarching theme is:







About me

I’m fascinated with new technologies. That’s why I started I want to share my knowledge and passion with other to enrich their life. Wheter it’s drones, home automation, healthcare or just the newest gadgets: I blog about anything that is interesting.

I hope you join me and leave a comment under topics which are important to you. I’m writing here to discuss with people from all over the world. Of course I also do it to gain new insights. I LIVE for progression – and I don’t make a difference between my personal life and technology.

I think we’re all here to benefit our society as a whole. We have to push forward to give humanity a better future. I’m convinced that we live in one of the most thrilling times ever. New advances are made every day! Look at smartphone, better treatments, overall wealth.

Of course there are a lot of challenges, but I’m sure technological progression is the single most important thing we have to adress them. It’s the most powerful option we have as humanity.