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British guy fights 11 hours for his tea

This poor British guy waited 11 hours for a cup of coffee: Mark Rittman bought a new device for his morning tea. However, his new high tech appliance refused to connect with his Wifi. Rittman is no fool, working as a data specialist in his dayjob, he tried everything to get his tea.

smart tea kettle

A lot of possible bugs

First, he tried to connect his appliance known APIs like IFTTT or Apple Homekit. But even then his new teapot refused to give him what he wanted. None of the connections worked and Mr Rittman was still short of his tea.

Next, he tried to recalibrate everything and began a port scan to find a way to make the appliance connect with his automated home. But again, no success.

He finally made a decision to write his own script. This did the job (although the teapot still loses the connection from time to time). He successfully hacked his way to the long-awaited tea. After almost 11 hours of hard work and difficult decisions, Mr Rittman could enjoy his tea.

Dinner in the Dark

There was one final flaw though: His home relies on the Philips Hue system to light the rooms. At that day it received an automatic Firmware update that left Mr Rittman in the dark.